Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weekend Planning!

Linking up with My Happy House for weekend planning! Things always go more smoothly when we have a plan. Ryan is hard at work on the evening shift this weekend, which means EK and I have lots of time to ourselves. I try to find lots of outdoor morning activities or do a shopping trip on his night rotation weekend, so that we can keep the house somewhat quiet while he sleeps! Add me being on call to the mix, and even my best laid plans could go south at any time!


  • Make a Hobby Lobby run to pick up a few picture frames for E.K.'s newest photos
  • Clean out the fridge (I think the chicken salad has been there for two weeks. Oops...)
  • Wash the two little dogs after E.K. goes to bed 
  • Start laundry for the weekend

  • I will most likely have a patient to see this morning, since I am on call for the weekend
  • Hang the new canvas portraits in our living room (and take before/after shots)
  • Wrap baby shower gift
  • Pick out a wreath to hang on our front door, using my new Celebrating Home wreath hanger

  • Weekly CVS trip in the morning
  • Go to Hooks for my best friend's baby shower
  • Hang out with my Granny and the rest of my family

Somewhere in there I'd love to:
  • Give myself a pedicure
  • Recreate a recipe from Pinterest
  • Take a nap..... 

What kinds of things do you have planned for this weekend?


  1. Great plans!!! I'm hoping CVS has some decent deals this week, I guess I better check out the ad today. Add that to my list! Thanks for joining the hop :)

  2. CVS trip -- I wish we had one of those in my neighborhood. My dd works for Walgreens though so I love their coupons and using her discount since she lives with us is nice too :) Have a great weekend.