Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Shopping

My weekly Sunday shopping trip was not quite the same today. You see, EK spent Saturday night with her Grana and Papa Kev, leaving me and Ryan to a empty, quiet house. So, my shopping was done minus my little partner in crime.

Anyway, I am not an "extreme couponer" by any means. Half the time, I confuse myself and end up just saying "Forget it!" Today was a good day, though. I was able to get several things which we will use for a grand total of........ nothing out of pocket :) I  was able to use Exta Care Bucks that I earned last week to pay for all of today's items, plus I made it out with a few new ones for next time!

Here's what I found:

4 cans of soup, Revlon Foundation and nail polish, shaving cream, and 2 bags of Pretzel M&Ms (one of my new favorites!)

The total for all of the items was $33.97 before I took off any coupons or Exta Care Bucks.
The total after coupons was $25.47

Coupons I used:
$1.50 off of 2 Pretzel M&M bags
$1 off Revlon Nail Polish
$5 off Revlon Foundation
$1 off of 4 Progresso Soups

I had enough Extra Care Bucks from last week's trip to make my total $0. My store does not make you pay tax on items if they are "free". 
Top it all off with the $8 in Extra Care Bucks I earned for next week, and I'm a happy girl..... and Ryan has a few cans of soup to eat :)

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