Tuesday, October 18, 2011

(Belated) Monday Morning Round Up

Holy Monday, were you busy. Glad you are gone, but I missed my weekend recap! I was  very proud of everything that got accomplished, considering I spent a great deal of time at a patient's house on both Saturday and Sunday morning! I got everything done on my Friday to-do list, with the help of Aunt Kaci, who watched our little bundle of crazy joy for a few hours! 
Saturday, Ryan had to work until 4am, so we spent a lot of the day napping. EK and I went to look for a wreath for our front door, but nothing we saw around town was very appealing. So, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect fall wreath. Maybe I will make up my mind on one before Christmas.  Needless to say, we didn't hang any pictures, either. Ryan has to do that stuff.
Sunday, EK stayed with her Grana a while, then we had Papa Kev's  soup for lunch! We went to my very best friend's baby shower. Her little girl is due December 2nd, and we cannot wait! I hope that Lilly and EK are as close as Abby and me. (Short story: Abby and I used to call each other every day to see what was for dinner at whose house. Whoever had the better dinner is where we both ate!) EK and I picked up my Granny Skee,t and then met my Mom. EK loves to hang out with them, and show off all her new tricks. She LOVES a good party!
"You're the best, Mom. None of the other babies get to eat this crap!"


  • Make a Hobby Lobby run to pick up a few picture frames for E.K.'s newest photos
  • Clean out the fridge (I think the chicken salad has been there for two weeks. Oops...)
  • Wash the two little dogs after E.K. goes to bed DONE before 7 o'clock because EK was gone!
  • Start laundry for the weekend

  • I will most likely have a patient to see this morning, since I am on call for the weekend
  • Hang the new canvas portraits in our living room (and take before/after shots)
  • Wrap baby shower gift
  • Pick out a wreath to hang on our front door, using my new Celebrating Home wreath hanger

  • Weekly CVS trip in the morning
  • Go to Hooks for my best friend's baby shower
  • Hang out with my Granny and the rest of my family

Somewhere in there I'd love to:
  • Give myself a pedicure
  • Recreate a recipe from Pinterest   (This was just bleh... we won't go there)
  • Take a nap..... 

I hope that everyone had a great weekend, and a great Monday, too!

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