Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy (almost) 9 months, EK!

Tomorrow, our silly girl will be 9 months old. I cannot believe how quickly this has blown by us! There are several ladies in town who are expecting, and I will say that it makes my gut hurt just a little with baby fever. Fear not- I'm sold  on this IUD, and I really just love our little family. It is so complete, nothing can compare to the way this little girl just lights up our lives.

In the last month, Ella Kate has started crawling. Everywhere. She loves everyone she meets, and if you are lucky- you get a big, slobbery kiss. Hugs don't come cheap, either.  She sings in the car while we drive, and giggles all.the.time.
We just spotted a new tooth a few days ago, a top one this time! Daddy and I are so excited about this, she has definitely worked for it!

 We finally broke down and let Dr. Hollier put tubes in her ears. No more ear pulling! If you ever need a great ENT around Shreveport, he's your man! We had such a good experience.

 EK is definitely starting to have preferences for things, a few of her loves this month are:

-Shoes. They makes great chew toys, apparently!
-Fruit puffs
-Baby Cheese Puffs
-Drinking from a straw
-sharing Yogurt Your Weigh with Mom, Grana, and Aunt Kaci
-The floor air vent at Aunt Kaci and Uncle Clifton's house
-Rocking "fast" with Grana
-All of the clothes from Granny Skeet and GiGi
-Pulling up on things you shouldn't!

Things on the "Bad List" include:
-Diaper Changes- she is so squirmy..
-Getting Dressed
-Being alone on the floor
-Going to bed (I'm assuming this is pretty natural!)

We are so happy to have her, and can't wait to see what 10 months will bring!

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