Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall On Our Porch

When Ryan and I built our home, we knew we wanted a huge porch. We pictured ourselves being out there in the evenings, in our rocking chairs like old people. I didn't realize how insanely huge it would turn out to be... we deal with a 60 x 12 porch on a daily basis. The dogs track mud everywhere, grass and bugs are everywhere, it's kind of a pain. It's hard to keep clean, but it's even harder for me to decorate.
  Last year, I didn't put too much effort into decorating since I was grossly pregnant. I was determined to actually get with the program this year and decorate for at least fall and Christmas.  I may be a little behind, but I was able to finish things up for fall this weekend! I will probably leave this up through Thanksgiving, but I may replace the flowers in our large pots sooner than later.

Here's the before:
A little far away, but basically we just had the chairs and little table between them.

And the after:
Yay for a no longer empty porch!

I used a little bench that was my Granny's on the far left side of the porch to hold a few flowers and name plaque I painted. Note the wart-y pumpkin we adopted. 

I picked up the stand up wooden sign at Canton earlier this fall! I have decided I do not like purple or red mums. The blooms seem to lose their color so quickly, these look dead. 

Charlie probably counts as decor... he never leaves the mat outside the front door!

Ellis Pottery ran a great sale on pillows a few weeks ago, and I grabbed these for under $4 for the pair! I have to brag on the gorgeous yellow mum that Granny Skeet gave us for our anniversary! 

Well, that's that! It feels so good to come home to a porch that I love, and I'm already brewing over Christmas plans. I would love to see pictures of your fall decorations!



  1. Absolutely LOVE the bench that belonged to your Granny!!! I love the decorations... it looks homey and inviting! One of my dreams is a nice huge covered porch as well. Instead... I have a very small one person, standing room only step UP to the house. Oh well, one day!!! Glad I found you on the followers fest. :)

  2. Thank you for commenting! This is our "temporary" home, until our $$ is saved for a bigger brick home! One day at a time!

  3. your porch looks so nice and welcoming! and I love your house and the land it looks like it's on! my husband would LOVE land...for now, we're happy in our subdivision.

    came upon you from followers fest. :D