Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today, my unthinkable happened. I forgot EK was in the car. 
<insert nice music here> Our weather is perfect today. When we left the house, it was cool, misty, and cloudy. This may not sound too great, but it is absolutely, hands down, my favorite kind of day. It could only be better if I didn't have to drive to work. 
   EK was mesmerized by the trees and their leaves blowing in the wind, and giggled the whole way to the car when the mist hit her little nose. I strapped her into her carseat, and I covered her up with her "car blanket" (you know, the one you are too lazy to bring into the house and wash...).  We creeped along down the driveway, and I didn't turn on the radio like I normally do every morning. I guess I was just so amazed by the gorgeous weather that I didn't even realize it. 
  Today, EK is staying at Mammaw's house. This means we have to drive through town, past everything. This means we turn right out off the county road, not left. Here's where Mommy-fail happened. I drove past Mammaw's street, right on to the highway. At this point, I got over the scenic beauty and turned on the  radio. Now, if a kid has ever loved music, it's ours. She sings. I really am just waiting to hear her sing along to Eric Church, since he has frequented the CD player more often than not lately. So anyways, I guess she was just holding in her inner songbird until this point, because she started belting it out. "Weeeeeblahabladgahblah".  She scared me. How could I forget she was in there? How could I just drive right by the place I drop her off at every other day?  I just thanked her for reminding me she was there, before we drove the entire 20 miles to my office.
"Hey Mom. Check me out. I can take my socks off. That's why I'm quiet."

  So, yes. I have kind of forgotten my child, if you want to get technical.  It happens.

I love hearing other "Mom Fails"! What is your best failure?

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