Friday, June 7, 2013

The Road (Seems like it) Goes on Forever..

.. and the party really does end after about age 22. We're getting old. We have a kid. We are not spontaneous. Far from carefree. Roadtrips, however, are still something that I absolutely taking. I love to see new places and things.
  Back in March or April, we got an invitation to one of Ryan's sweet friend's wedding. He and the groom went to DPS academy together, and I'm pretty sure he got the award for "Furthest Distance Travelled to Get There".  He's from a little town in the panhandle, so I pretty much told Ryan before I opened the invitation that I wanted to go to the wedding. I wanted to drive, and no, I didn't want to take EK (oh, can you just imagine 9ish hours one-way with a 2.5 year old?!). 
  Fast forward to the weekend, we loaded up the car and headed out Friday around lunch. We spent the night in Gainesville, and hung out by the pool all evening, then walked around downtown for a little while. We ran into a free Junior Brown concert, which was incredibly unexpected in the small town.
 Saturday, we got up early and took off again for the wedding. We took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I though we lived in a rural area. I was wrong, this was maybe not even rural. More like remote.  We finally found the right trail again and made up some time. We crossed the Red River, which was totally dry and left me really wondering how it has so much water here in East TX. Looking back, we should have stopped and walked out into the dry river bed to take a picture. It was seriously so cool. We also got stuck behind storm chasers for a good 30 miles on the two lane highway. OH, and I think every town we passed through had a Dairy Queen. It's a Texas thing ;)

  The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and I know Ryan had a good time reuniting with a few of his friends from the academy.  His job is really unique, it seems like everywhere we go, he is able to find someone he either knows or kind-of knows through DPS. It made it nice for the simple fact that we were outsiders in this tiny town, but we knew people.
  Sunday, we got up early again and drove the entire way home. I'm now convinced that Atlanta needs a Braum's, their burgers are seriously so delicious... and the ice cream, oh my gosh.


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