Thursday, June 20, 2013

Work week travels

I'm writing this while sitting in a hotel room in Dallas. This week has been nuts and I haven't seen Ryan since Tuesday morning.  He spent the last two nights here in Dallas for the Rangers games, since his dad had the suite for the games. Now I'm here and he is home with EK. I have taken on the role of a clinical liaison at work ( they really want me marketing....???) and there's a meeting tomorrow early in the morning. I drove up this afternoon to spend the night and be sure I get there on time. I'm never on time.  Oh, and this meeting has a dress code. "Business casual". WHAT is that? Nothing stresses me out more than a business casual dress code. I'm a nurse. I have casual, church, and scrubs. Oh, and a random bridesmaid dress that I never wore. Let's hope I'm not too business and not too casual.

On my way here I hit up happy hour at Sonic for a diet vanilla coke and some cheese sticks, then stopped in Greenville at what I thought was a small antique shop. It turned out to cover the whole downtown square, and it was two stories! I snatched up an old wagon wheel for our flowerbed and an old metal sign with hooks on it. I'll probably hang it in the laundry room or the shop by the door for our coats. We will see.

This is my happy to pull in to Sonic at 2:01pm face.

There were things EVERYWHERE! I need to go look again soon!

After I got into Dallas, I made a run into IKEA and was disappointed to get to the car and realize I bought three things, and all of them were for EK. I was hoping for new bath mats, a new shower curtain, and maybe even a comforter. I've been wanting a pretty off-white bedding set for the summer, I've gotten so tired of our current one.I went to the big nice mall and STILL didn't buy anything for myself other than a pair of sunglasses from Forever21. <--- This store nearly gave me a stroke. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

So, in summary I shopped at antique stores and I am too old for the mall. When did I turn elderly?


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