Sunday, June 16, 2013

Melons, Doughnuts, Park and Father's Day

Friday night, we had our first watermelon of the summer. EK was a big fan, and at one point ended up with an entire half to herself, just eating out of the melon without a bowl. She's already asked for another one, hopefully we will have time to chill it when we get it home before she wants to eat it!

EK woke up super early (for her) Saturday morning. Naturally, Ryan had worked a long week as well as some extra hours Friday evening, so he was exhausted and probably wanting some rest. I got EK dressed and we headed out to the city "park" to give him some peace and quiet. We stopped at Kremy Donuts  for doughnut holes and a diet Coke for mamma before we got to the park. ;)

My little daredevil wanted to swing higher and higher.  She's usually so cautious, but swings are her thing.

I think she went down the big twisty slide at least 50 times. Her hair stood up with static every time she hit the bottom.

Saturday evening, EK and I went to Hooks to see my family and eat dinner since Ryan had to work again. My mom grilled yummy chicken and made delicious baked squash with parmesan cheese over the top.. it was really good! When we got home, EK and I had cereal for an after dinner snack. After she finished, she ran and grabbed this straw so she could drink her milk out of the bowl. I'm pretty mortified, I can't stand the taste of after-cereal milk!

This morning we went to church and Ryan got to come with us. His Pappaw snapped a quick picture of us all. Can't you tell he uses a Droid ?? :P

EK is spending the night with her Aunt Kaci and Uncle Clifton tonight, which means I'm going crazy trying to clean the house and squeeze in things I can't get done while she is home! I plan on relaxing later on to watch Miss USA and hopefully a little HGTV. Tomorrow means back to work, but I only have to be in the office for a little while between a patient to visit and an overnight trip to Dallas for a marketing retreat. I'm also pretty excited for a haircut/ color tomorrow evening. Maybe I'll do something different, but it's doubtful. I always stay somewhat of a blonde.

Happy Father's Day to my precious Daddy and my sweet husband. I have been blessed beyond measure with loving grandfathers who I lost way too early, a precious uncle, and wonderful in-laws.  They are the best men I could ever ask for, and I'm so thankful that God gave them to me.

Also, if you're the praying kind- please pray for the members of  Eagle Lake Baptist Church in Vicksburg, MS and for rebuilding.  A friend's grandmother goes to church here. Their church was struck by lightning right after their service this morning and burned to the ground.


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