Monday, June 24, 2013

Thoughts and Confessions

  I'm sure it's apparent at this point that my life is especially riveting.  My mind is equally as exciting.. "as evidenced by" (I know my nurse friends LOVE this phrase) my list.

1. I've never had to watch my weight until I had EK and went back to work. I lost my baby weight quickly, but a desk job and coworkers who love to potluck put nearly every pound on me again within a year and a half.  I've lost 20 pounds since January and got below prebaby weight. The last week or so though, I've eaten so much junk food, and I eat it all the time. I've got to get back on track before I GAIN 20 BACK. We have a river weekend and a Mexican anniversary trip coming up within the next 3 months and I want to feel comfortable in my bathing suit. Back to spinach salads for lunch.

2. I have gotten such a kick out of my blog's recent Pinterest fame. Who would think that a simple DIY for removing dead bugs from your car's grill would get so much attention?  Someone actually described it like this.. "I couldn't believe it, bugs I had been scrubbing for months!!!" How to easily get dead, splattered bugs off of your car"!  I'm dying over here, really.  I hope these people enjoy the fluff that is my blog.

3. My hair is driving me insane. I got lowlights put in it a week ago in effort to get away from bleaching my hair. It's like the lowlights never happened, they've faded so fast. I think about my hair all the time. I wish my thoughts toward it would stimulate its growth! A girl can dream, right?

New hair that looks old.
4. I've had a huge want for another little girl lately. I don't really want a baby, but I want EK to have a close sister. The crazy part is that I totally do not want a boy. If you know me, I really want a boy when I found out we were pregnant with EK. Please don't think I'm selfish, I realize we would be blessed with whatever gender God decided to give us, but I just love having a sister and I really love being a mom to a girl.  I also don't want to wait 10 years before having another kid if we even decide we want another. It's so complicated.

This girl asked for a sister after playing with an itty bitty baby at the gym last week.

5. Summer is so blah for me. My family is out for summer vacation, EK spends her time with everyone else, and it's so super hot that I just feel like I have no energy. Also, I don't like summer fashion all that much, it just seems so barely-there that I can't get on board with it. I can't wait for the fall and to get back into long sleeved clothing and boots!

Winter winter winter. Come back!
6. I'm kind of addicted to these cream sodas I found at the Country Store. They have vanilla, orange and cherry flavor.. they are SO SO good.


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  1. boys are awesome!! I have a daughter who is 2.5 and a son who is 9 months. When I found out i was pregnant with a boy, of course I was elated, but I really wanted 2 girls back to back because I grew up with a sister right below me and we are best friends. BUT, now that I have my son I can't imagine having another girl! I'm 95% convinced I just want more boys now :)

    1. Haha! Isn't it funny how we think we want one thing, then totally change our mind? The joys of being a woman I guess!