Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Highlights

I've grown to love football. Well, mainly the Hogs and the Chargers. This wasn't always the case, though. I was raised as a football player/coach's daughter, and believe it or not, a common punishment of mine was to watch a whole quarter of Monday Night Football every week.  I think Daddy truly loved that punishment, but at least I got to eat popcorn, right?

Ryan and I could really care less about the teams who made it to the Super Bowl this year, but I had to watch.....just to be a good American, you know?  Anyway, here's my top ten list of Super Bowl Highlights for this year.

10.   The Super Bowl marks the end of football season, and the official closure of fantasy leagues everywhere..... until draft time. .....sigh....

9.  I got to take a break during the half time show. Who really cares about Madonna, anyway?

8. Ella Kate discovered the eighth annual Puppy Bowl, aka Animal Planet's low budget attempt to make money. The pups were cute, though. This year featured pot bellied pigs as the "porky pep squad".

7. Google Hangout with my favorite January Mommas.  This led me to find out that I need a webcam that works, and doesn't give me a mustache or turn my face into a cat.

6.  I had an excuse to drink a beer, alone, at home. Any other time, it would not feel quite right. The Super Bowl, though? Bring it on.

5. Thank you, NBC, for having Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton sing America The Beautiful.  I also appreciated Kelly Clarkson singing the National Anthem.  1,000x better than last year's Christina Aguilera embarrassing attempt!

4. Getting to see Giselle and her gorgeous hair. I have serious hair envy when it comes to her. She can take her nappy old Tom Brady, but I would take her hair any day!

3.  Eli Manning's nose. It makes me giggle.

2. The 2012 Corvette Convertible that Eli received after the game. I can't even find a picture.... oh, wait... here it is...

1.   Aaron Rodgers on pregame. HELLO hotness. If I were not a happily married woman, I'd be high-tailing it to Wisconsin to get a piece of that.

PEACE OUT-  NFL 2011-2012. Maybe the Chargers will do better next year...



  1. You'd have to get in line if you come to WI to get some Aaron Rodgers! We're all in love with him (even us old married women ;) )

  2. I've never seen Aaron Rodgers cleaned up, very nice.