Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mind, Where Are You?

I'm pretty sure I have lost my mind. It was bound to happen at some point.

Last night, Ryan's parents offered to let EK spend the night at their house. Ryan was working, so that meant a night all to myself. Sign me up.

So, what's a twenty-something mom to do on a Friday night, all alone? Several of my friends said I should get out of the house, get a pedicure, go for drinks with girlfriends, drink wine at the house and catch up on chick flicks, or just take a long bath.

These all sounded nice in theory. However, the reality is that I hate to waste money on my feet, I don't have any girlfriends available to go out with ( and beer at the house is so much more enjoyable), and I get really bored when I take a bath.
 So, what did I do with my glorious alone time?
I cleaned scrubbed my house. And gave baths to our two month old Golden Retrievers. I also caught up on the laundry. Told you I was losing my mind. I did manage to finally watch The Help while I folded the never ending pile of baby clothes.

See, now that the house is taken care of, I have all day today and tomorrow to spend with my sweet EK. My mind may be gone, but I know my heart is wherever she goes.


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