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My family is made up of 3 music snobs... OK, make that 2 snobs. The girl likes anything, especially "Back That Thing Up".  Ryan and I have always had a little bond over our love for all things music. The night of our first date, I got into his truck, only to hear that he was listening to the same CD that I had going in my Jeep. I made him get out and get into my car just to prove it to him. Destiny? I think so.

A lot of times, it's like we have an ongoing competition to see who can come up with something that the other hasn't heard before. Since I had the little one, my time researching on the internet has become limited. I mainly rely on him to bring the cool stuff out, but occasionally I find a gem while listening to Pandora. Have you ever listened to the Ryan Bingham station? You totally should.

Here's a little glimpse of the songs I'm loving this week.

#1  "Lodi" cover by Jeffery Foucalt This is a cover of an old Creedence Clearwater Revival song..this guy has a pretty cool voice, and I love his version of this song. I like to imagine this song is about Lodi, TX... you would totally feel like saying "Oh Lord, I'm stuck in Lodi again", if you were there.

#2  "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" Bob Dylan cover by Miley Cyrus  OMG, yeah, Miley Cyrus. I want to dislike this song just because of her, but I can't. It's good, and she does a great job on it. Give me a female take on a Bob Dylan song any day.

"Flowers on the hillside, blooming crazy.. crickets talking back and forth in rhyme. Blue river running, slow, and lazy- I could stay with you forever and never realize the time.."

#3  "Hallelujah" by Ryan Bingham  Now we're getting somewhere. Have you heard this guy sing? He is incredible. He's only in his late twenties, but his voice sounds old and ragged, like someone dragged his throat down a gravel road. He's even better live. This song is haunting- I get chills every time I hear the guitar intro, it tells a sad story. You just need to listen to it... here.  If you ever get the full band version- turn up your bass. It's bad-ass. 

"So tell me now if you're singing can bring me another day with my feet on the ground? I miss living, and living misses me... I miss it so much that I'm holding me down..for all the things that I never could change, for all the reasons that I never understood and why- I feel alone baby, I'm dead and gone baby, there's something wrong 'cause you know, I still feel alive. My train is rolling down the line and I'm waiting- til they bring me the dream of You holding me up in your eyes..Oh feel my love honey, from up above honey- oh don't give up on me 'cause I'm coming down..I'm not a one nighter, I'm not a flat liner, I'm everything in between the harmony you're singing live... Hallelujah, something's wrong, Hallelujah, is dead and gone.. oh Hallelujah is just a song.."

#4  "Ballad of A Southern Man" by Whiskey Myers  Ever wonder why some people from the southern part of the US are the way they are?  This one tells you why... these guys are a modern day Lynard Skynard. Patriotic, Godly, and I just love it. Their new CD, Firewater, came out about a year or so ago, and it's definitely worth checking out.  

"Grandma's in the kitchen, Papa's done passed on- we sit out on the front porch, just a pickin' on a song. There's a Bible on the table 'cause He bled for what we have, I was raised in this land, but I guess that's something you don't understand"..

My Ryan and I bought this CD called Mescalito on a whim, I don't even really remember why we bought it. I remember putting it in the disc player in my old Jeep, and hearing the next song on my list...we played it over and over, and still do- 3 years later. What album do you love THAT much?

#5  "Southside of Heaven" by Ryan Bingham  The guy won a Grammy for one of my favorite movies- Crazy Heart. He wrote the signature song- The Weary Kind. Southside of Heaven is one of those songs that starts slow, keeps slow, then gets up and goes. The song has convinced me to wander the Texas desert at least once before I die.. with my harmonica. 

"Can't you see that a breeze ain't nothing but a change in pace? And money can't buy my soul, 'cause it comes from hard earned place... but on the south side of Heaven, won't you take me home? 'Cause I been gone for so long and Lord, it's gettin' cold..."

I love having these on my Ipod- it makes my commute so much more tolerable..What songs can you not stop listening to lately?  


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