Friday, January 27, 2012

What Can We Bling Next?

One of my fellow heifer showing friends from high school, Jamie, posted this picture on her Facebook wall.

For those of you who aren't from my neck of the woods, these are show sticks. A FFA-er or 4-Her uses these things to place a heifer or steer's legs and feet in a way that makes them look desirable for one of two things; breeding or eating. You can rake a calf's loin to give them a better appearance through their top with this stick (but don't let the judge catch you), you can hold it in front of their head while walking to slow their pace, or you can scratch their  brisket to keep them calm while judging goes on. Without these sticks, your calf could very possibly look like a high dollar sack of crap.

This is what a sack of crap calf looks like, nappy/unsquare,  sharp shoulder, short neck. A show stick and halter would help... a little.

This heifer looks a lot better... with pretty, stick placed hind feet :)

The only thing is, the sticks normally look like this:

I can't believe that even the livestock world has gone bling. I may be old school, but I will always believe that the kid on the end of the heifer's lead isn't an accessory on display.  Rhinestone sticks won't win your class when a 56 year old man is judging. 

My secret to winning the class: work, work, a little Dawn dish soap and spray oil from the African American community, and my lucky solid steel, plain jane stick. 


  1. i dont understand these sticks. at all. where do you put them? i dont see them anywhere?

  2. The kids that show the cows hang onto the sticks :) They just use them to position the feet while they stand up near the head.

  3. Is there like a website to buy them from?