Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy One Year, EK!

It happened. She turned one today. While I am sad that my little, tiny, newborn baby is growing up, I am so happy to see the amazing little girl she is turning into. My heart melts every day, whether it be because of her sleepy stretches every morning or the way she jumps around like a wild thing... or the way she hugs and kisses her stuffed animals (just like we taught her to).  I just can't imagine our life without her.

A year ago today, I was holding our newborn baby girl- she was just 7 pounds and absolutely the most beautiful baby I have ever laid my eyes on. I will never forget it.

EK- I will never ever forget the nights I spent with you, asleep and snuggling in the recliner, because your crib was just too big for you. I'll never forget how you always managed to get out of your straightjackets swaddlewraps, even if I wrapped you what might have been too tight. ....the times your daddy thought you would be projected into the air from the rapid pace of your little swing (I had to convince him that you liked it that fast).... the AHA! moment of discovering formula for gassy babies.... the funky little smell of your neck... the scare you gave us all with your stiff trachea... the way you wanted to be held all. the. time.... realizing that you would be just fine if I let you spend the night away from me... I can see you turning into my "mini-me". You are a total Daddy's girl, and that is just fine with me. I love him, too, so I totally understand.  We definitely have a lot to celebrate on your first birthday. We survived. Most importantly, you survived- and I think you still love us despite our parenting imperfections.

So, Happy Birthday to our sweet Ella Kate. You will forever be my baby girl.

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