Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm in love.

.....with a vacuum cleaner. It's not just any old vacuum, it's awesome. It's a Hoover T-Series PetRewind Bagless PLUS.  It is seriously the coolest vacuum I've ever owned (and I've had several). My old one sucked. Well, that doesn't sound right... it DIDN'T suck, and that was the problem. Ok- It was not effective. Also, it was duct-taped together because I lost the screw to attach the handle to the body when I opened it many years ago.
      My first inclination was to buy a Dyson. Ryan and I are in and out of the house a LOT. We love to be outside, but in order to get to our toilet, we have to walk through the living room, bedroom, and all the way across the bathroom. So, there's always a lot of dirt knocking off our shoes. Also, I have blonde hair and a dark stained concrete floor. So naturally, my hair shows up really easily. I've even considered dying it brown, just so my house would appear cleaner. Most people buy this vacuum because they have indoor dogs, I wanted it so I didn't have to start sleeping outside with the pups. With all of the crap on our floor, I just figured Dyson was the way to go. They always have rave reviews, and you can get one that has been refurbished for somewhat less than buying a brand new one. Still, that seemed like an ass load of money to pay for a used vacuum.
  So, I started my research. My granny Skeet had a credit at Amazon, and I love to read their customer reviews. I was first led to a Shark Navigator, but the reviews said that they were really bad about blowing a lot of dust while running. With the majority of our home's floors being concrete, I really needed something that would pick up things, rather than scoot them somewhere else.

    Enter..... the Hoover. It has this lever on the base that lets you pick up the rollerbrush, so all it does is suck. Suck as in it picks up crap that I never knew existed on a floor. Suck as in it has made vacuuming my new favorite hobby. For the rug, I use the brush. For the concrete, I push the lever and suck up all kinds my hair and EK's leftover/ dropped to floor Cheerios. The great thing is, nothing gets wrapped up in that brush. No more sitting in the floor every few months with a pair of scissors, performing surgery on my vacuum to untangle hair from it. It's just amazing.
  It also has the coolest attachments that literally pull hair off of my car floor and seats, and couch. One day, I made the mistake of sticking my finger in the attacment... ouch. There's somethign in that thing that moves.
   I absolutely love to vacuum my floors now. When Ryan calls to ask what I'm doing, I usually say- "Oh, I just got done vacuuming."  EK loves to watch it, and she makes a "Vroom" noise when she pushes her little walker around. Cutest. Thing. Ever. Huge plus- it doesn't leave that funky, musty, burnt dirt/ass smell in my home thanks to a carbon filter. I don't have to buy new filters, because the canister and filter are washable. Of course, I love to see what it picks up.

Here's what I like to call: Exhibit A

What is so disturbing is that I vacuumed with my old POS immediately before all of this was collected! Of course, I went above and beyond with the new vacuum, using the attachment under our couch, recliners, bed, bathroom.... but still, big time ewww.

So yeah, I'm having an affair with a vacuum, and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm also blogging about my vacuum to divert my mind from my sweet, precious, beautiful baby girl turning one tomorrow.

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