Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Birthday Fun

What a great ending to EK's birthday. She ate a butter cupcake, followed by a lemon cupcake (just to show off for Daddy), plus some Honey Nut Cheerios. Oh yeah, and I forget that she ate some soap while she was in the bath tub. Zest, gag me.

Then, she puked. Like, her first real puke ever. She puked right into her bath water, while she had an assload of T-Gel shampoo in her hair for her sebhorreic dermatitis. (I thought I better get on that shit since she had an appointment with Dr. Porter today) So, she finished her bath in the kitchen sink, and we rinsed her hair salon style with the spray attachment. Now she smells like a dog that has been flea dipped.
Finally, we all laid in a huge pile in the living room floor and watched King of the Hill.  To finish up the night, I said my prayers and thanked God for this hilarious chunk of little girl who has filled my life with more laughs and smiles than I know what to do with!

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