Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wait a Minute....

Where did Christmas go?!  I have never much cared for the week between Christmas and the New Year.  It's so sad to put away all of my holiday decorations, although this year even those were scarce, due to a certain baby lovingly known as EK.  It never seems like I get everything done that I wanted to do, and it just puts me in a real funk.  Add Pinterest into the mix, and I am sure I will always be left with this feeling. There is just entirely too much to do, and not enough time!

Anyway, enough with the blues. I was inspired by Ella Kate's future mother-in-law, Molly, to point out all of the things I totally meant to do this Holiday season.  Then, I'll show you a few of the highlights from the McCasland Family Christmas!

My "Meant to Do" project #1  was a set of trees for the front porch. These are made out of tomato cages, which are turned upside down and decorated with plain garland and lights. It's hard to find tomato cages in the winter, so the dead mums remain in my planters. 
Meant to Do #2:  I wanted to make a stocking holder similar to this one for our living room. We do not have a fireplace or mantle in our shop house, so I really -really- need to do this next year. 

Meant to Do #3:  I meant to frame this picture. It would be so adorable on the shelf over our TV.

So, there you have it. The few things that did not get accomplished, leaving me feeling like a Christmas failure. 

Despite the few things I didn't do- I DID take a lot of great pictures on Christmas. 

This is my favorite picture from Christmas Eve.

This  little girl got a huge new wagon !

Ryan, EK and I also became the proud parents of two unbelievably cute, fluffy, spoiled Golden Retriever puppies.  We have learned that we are totally not Dachshund people, and will probably forever be Golden people.

I plan to be a lot better at getting things done in 2012. Now I just have to figure out a plan.

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  1. Just writing them out will help! At least that's my plan! We'll hold each other accountable next year :)