Friday, December 9, 2011

Taking the Words Right Out of My Mouth (or head).

Do you ever have one of those feelings that you just can't quite explain, only to find the perfect explanation was written by someone else?

I have a friend/ fellow mom  to a 10 month old little girl, Kayse, who, just today, posted on her blog about how she has been dealing with hard times. I just thought to myself, "Oh my gosh- this is what I needed".  

I think it is totally normal to get down on yourself. My house is rarely spotless, and there never fails to be a dirty dish lying around in the sink. I never feel quite as cute as I did before the whole pregnancy/birth thing. It's easy to think of what I would be able to accomplish if I did not have to leave EK with my mother in law and grandmother in law every day, the things I could accomplish if I just stayed home with her. In my head, we would cook a gourmet dinner every day, make crafts and have the perfectly decorated house.
In all reality, I wouldn't accomplish crap. We would probably struggle to get by.  I can't cook to save my life. We wouldn't be able to enjoy things that we do now. I wouldn't be able to make things for a clingy baby hanging onto my leg. I would be bored, and probably ready to hand EK off to anyone who showed up.

Despite the dogs being gone, and feeling like I don't have time to enjoy the gorgeous Christmas season, I have a precious husband who tries his hardest to keep me happy. That's a tricky task from time to time. And even though she drives me absolutely insane with her needy crying, EK cries because she loves me, and wants to be with me every.single.minute.

Kayse hit me with this in her blog post:

" I have to make a choice.  Let the little blessings get overshadowed by the hard, or see them for what they are: gifts from a Father who sees my struggle and loves me through it.  They are subtle messages that remind me that He is here, even when I am too overwhelmed and sidetracked to feel Him."

So, we carry on with our picture perfect life as a family, even if it isn't always what we picture. 

Thanks for saying what I needed to say, Kayse! 

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