Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I PROMISE I never cried like this.

I've been a complete, senseless, emotional wreck lately. I cry over the smallest things. Yesterday, though, I cried over a huge thing!
My very best friend had her little girl, Lilly, who I am certain will be Ella Kate's very best friend.  We have all been anxiously awaiting this little girl's arrival. And boy, did she take her time! I didn't think she would ever show up. The minute I got the text that she was here, I cried. Like a big baby. I didn't even cry when EK was born  (ok, maybe just a little when the boob Nazi attacked me for starving my kid), so I really don't know what's up.  It's for sure, 100% not baby fever. Been there, done that, got the (20) t-shirts.

I just know that I am beyond excited for that baby to be here, and I can not contain it!

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