Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If you just really wanted to shop for me...

I have the hardest time finding an answer when someone says "What do you want for... (birthday, Christmas, anniversary)?" I'm not sure what I find so difficult about answering, but my usual reply is "I don't need anything."

The good part is that statement is so true. There is nothing in this world that I need, other than my family, my job, the roof over my head and the food I eat. 

It is fun to do a little "me" shopping from time to time- I never go anywhere anymore without picking up a cute outfit, hairbow, or little something for EK. I compiled my list of pure wants, and here they are for your enjoyment. (Maybe Ryan will see this, too.)

1- Vera Bradley "Go Round" Tote - Would be a great bag for EK! -Fan Fare Gifts

2.Nissan "Z" Coupe (a girl can dream, right?)

4. Birthday Blooms Turquoise Charm ( I don't care that my birthday isn't in December… it's cute!)

5. Long, striped boot socks. I don't have a clue where these came from, but I like them.

6Hoover WindTunnel T-SeriesPet Rewind Plus  (Thank you Granny for my early gift!)

7. Conair Infinity "YouCurl"- Maybe, just maybe, my hair would look decent... I could only hope!

                I want to know, if you could have anything- What would you want for Christmas?

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