Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things I'm Loving Tuesday

Is it Friday yet.......?  No. I'm so super ready for a long weekend, though!  We have been busy bees, I've been trying to get back to the gym more than once a week, and EK has been playing up a storm. I've not had just a ton of free time, but there are a few things I'm absolutely LOVING right now that I thought I would share.

Have you seen the new fall scents from Yankee Candle? I popped in a store the other day and smelled the Red Velvet cake- it will make your stomach growl!  Also, I had to snap a picture of the Treehouse Memories, Ryan is in the process of tearing down a deck and building a little play tree house for EK. He is such a sweet daddy!

Here's my Treehouse Memory... I remember my daddy building a tree house for me when I was 8 or so. Our bull was like a gigantic dog, and it came and knocked the ladder out from under him and he was stranded in the tree house for a little while... the things we do for our kids!
EK scoping out her spot for her treehouse.

I'm absolutely in love with these adorable/ practical lunch boxes from PlanetBox.  They are stainless steel boxes with sectioned compartments for foods. I hate packing snacks in ziplock bags, and I hate losing my tupper ware even more. I can't wait for EK to take a lunch in hers.
I'm a big fan of getting stuff in the mail. Sometimes I have to rush home from work to get the mail before Ryan does, so he doesn't think I spend my entire paycheck ordering things. You can get such great deals online, though, so it's worth explaining myself over a few packages!  

Anyways, aside from ordering things for EK, I love to get magazines in my mailbox. Yes. PAPER magazines. I feel like people don't really read those so much anymore with Pinterest and the easy access to free ideas online.  

Ryan's Mammaw had a huge stack of old (2003ish) Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Livings that she was going to through away, but I rescued all of the holiday issues and I am just pouring over them. I love using classic ideas, and these are full of beautiful photos and great ideas for holidays foods and decorations. Let the Christmas countdown begin :P

Finally.. I'm so ready for cooler weather. We may not have it until Christmas, but I'm craving it like nobody's business.  I'm ordering these precious little shoes for EK as soon as I decide to pull the trigger. I'm a huge fan of Livie and Luca shoes for her, they are so soft and I never have to worry about her getting blisters or being uncomfortable.  Our Gap just closed down in our nearest mall, so I'm stuck shopping online unless I'm able to sneak away to Tyler or Shreveport on the weekend. This sweatshirt might be my newest comfy weekend staple if I suck it up at buy it :)

So what are the things you're dying over as fall approaches?


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