Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Wind-Down

We've had SUCH a busy weekend. I seriously didn't start my usual weekend laundry until 11pm Sunday night!

Friday evening I got my hair done in Hooks, and EK spent time with Granny Skeet and her Gigi. My sister and I got to go out to eat. I'm really glad we got to go, she is starting her senior year in high school and her weekends in the fall are always taken up totally by band competitions and all that fun stuff.

 Ryan's cousins came down to visit from Oklahoma (yeah, I know. It's OK! Get it..?) Haha. We really don't get to see them that much, and EK has gotten so much bigger since the last time they saw her. We spent lots of time at Mammaw and Pappaw's house with them, swinging, catching up, and I even tried my hand at longboarding. I am not good and I was fairly certain I would die. We had lunch here at our house and the guys ran off to shoot guns while EK and I took a LONG nap.


EK has eaten up having two extra people to boss around!
We celebrated Pappaw's 74th birthday Saturday night at my favorite restaurant, Big Pines. It is right on the Caddo river and it's the best fish I've ever had. The slaw and hushpuppies are to die for, too!

I got to spend all of Sunday school with the SWEETEST baby ever. My friend Miranda and I grew up in school together, married cousins, and both moved to Atlanta from Hooks. Her little boy is almost one month old and is just the most precious thing!

Sunday after church and lunch, we took a painting class at Local Color in Atlanta. Sometimes they do themed classes where everyone paints the same thing, but today was kind of "open table" and we all did something different. I painted this cute little cow.. I just love him!

After all that, Ryan's cousin and I went to the movies and I finally got to see The Heat. It was soooo funny.

I'm about to die from exhaustion, but we had such a fun time!

Is this not the sweetest face?  I'm going to miss her so much next weekend!


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  1. loveee the cow! lol so cute.
    and love that sleeping face! too cute! :) and what a fun class to have in Atlanta!!