Friday, September 6, 2013

What We're Up To ( otherwise known as boring blog title)

I hate coming up with post titles. I'm always afraid they will sound corny (although I like corny sometimes!)

Anyway, we've been up to all the little halfway boring things that make up everyday life and aren't always blog-worthy. EK is still loving school. She also loves Ms. Regan for her brand new 'do! We ended up cutting several inches off and I feel like it makes her look so grown up!

Sunday, we had lunch with Mammaw and Pappaw and my sister and brother in law at Bryce's. It's kind of an old folks' place (cafeteria!) but the food is usually really good and their peach pie is to die for! After that, I went to Hooks where we saw the rest of EK's grandparents and greats.

This time of year is always rough in NETX. It's still super hot, but fall things are going on. Tomorrow, I'll be taking blood pressures at the Hoot N' Holler downtown, and the FAIR is next weekend. I can't wait to take Ella Kate to see the little animals and walk the livestock barns with her (please let her love show cattle. please let her love show cattle... PLEASE!)  We did get a few of the cute little 96cent mums from Walmart a few days ago, and a tiny scarecrow for the porch from the DollarTree. Baby steps. Now that we don't have a dog outside it's nice to be able to decorate a little more!

Here's hoping something exciting happens between now and my next post. 


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