Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our Tiniest Friend

We have had the cutest little lizard on our porch this summer. EK named him "Oso" (like she does every other critter we come across...).  He first showed up a few weeks ago when we were sweeping. I let him go in my hydrangea bush and he is growing like a little weed. 

When we first met Oso.

Getting bigger!

In his little home.

Picnic time!

Hanging out.

I love living in the country. We see so many fun animals out here! I remember growing up, my dad would catch all kinds of these lizards for me to keep in a terrarium. We would go to the feed store every week to buy crickets and meal worms to feed them. I don't really want this little guy in my house, but we will enjoy him while he's outside :)


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