Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday.

It's finally FRIDAY! This means I'm one weekend closer to my trip to Chicago, one weekend closer to our Mexican 2nd honeymoon, a weekend closer to Christmas, and one weekend closer to retirement. Ok, I'll stop wishing my life away now. Really though, I love having things to look forward to in life.  I'm trying out a new link-up that I think is so cool because I always have tons of things to write about, but I'm not always sure that they need their own post. I'm not the most eloquent writer ever, so sometimes it's hard for me to conjure enough content to say what I want about a topic. So, Five on Friday is dedicated to my sense of random blogging.
People are bound to disagree, say things they regret, and even do things they regret.  Have you been in that situation lately? The one where you are the person saying and doing things you regret? Things you normally don't do or say? Like, things that are totally out of character for you, and saying/doing it to people that really, deep down mean a lot to you?  It's hard to swallow a pill of that size when you get to that level. We've been there. I will say this: It feels good to say you're sorry. I feel like we've been asking for forgiveness from God for a long time, but we needed to personally say it to the people we've wronged in order to get peace of mind.

On a lighter note, I've been completely obsessed with fall clothes for EK. There are a ton of cute outfits on Ebay, and when kids are so little they really only wear things a few times before they outgrow them. I've found some of the most adorable outfits from a seller who just so happens to have a little girl named Ella Kate, too!  I keep a running list in Excel of brands that we like, and search for them once or twice a week to find auctions to watch. You can get the nicest stuff for next to nothing, so my wallet stays happy and EK stays well-dressed!


Shopping with your kid. Need I say more? The girl tried out every piece of furniture in TJMAXX. In addition to beheading the child mannequin at Old Navy, EK also knocked over the huge cardboard welcome greeting for their latest campaign.. we ran away at that. She was super sweet at Chick-Fil-A for our mommy/daughter date, though. We definitely have our moments.

I'm craving some kind of food. I have been for a week. This is usually not an issue, I eat what I want and move on. This time though, I can't figure out what I actually want. Nothing has cured it yet! I don't know if I'm just more hungry because I've exercised a lot this week or what, but I need suggestions before I eat myself into misery and eat up all the calories I've burned off!

I felt compelled to share with my mommy group today- I know how to weld. I like to weld. I wish I could weld crappy yard art for a living, and sell it at Canton or Etsy or something. I feel like I would need crazy red frizzy hair and at least a few tattoos to really do it right, though.


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