Monday, July 8, 2013

Long Weekend

Ryan and I made it back from North Arkansas Sunday afternoon. We drove to Marshall on the Fourth  to stay at our favorite cabin and hang out at the river and canoe. Ryan and I usually end up having to work on Independence Day, so this was a welcome break! This makes our fourth trip to these cabins and we always have a really good time. There's no cable, woods everywhere, and it's just so relaxing.

We got there mid afternoon on the Fourth, and started unpacking our car while we waited for our friends to get there. The cabin is two bedrooms and we always try to stay with friends. There's another cabin just down the drive, and some people were unloading their cars down there. We decided to go say hi, and when we got closer, one of the girls looked super familiar. It turned out she was a therapist that I worked with at the last agency I worked for. They're from Mount Pleasant and were staying the whole weekend, too. It definitely made me worry less about annoying our neighbors with our stereo or anything. In addition to her, I saw one of my high school classmates' mom floating down the river, and some other people that were on the river were from Texarkana, too, and were somehow related to one of Ryan's friends. It's a small world!

We had a great time with our friends. Ryan went through DPS academy with Andrew, and Whitney and I became friends after we moved back home several years ago. They have a beautiful little girl and a little boy who is EK's arranged husband age. We are really sad because they just moved a few hours away, but I guess that gives us an excuse to go visit the area more often!  A few more friends stayed a little bit away in Clinton, and met us both days at the river. I was really they got to come and I got to meet a few new friends! We cooked, played cards, relaxed and had a blast canoeing, and topped it off with dinner at Los Aztecas in Marshall (I will have to tell about their burrito sometime).

Our trip was over before we knew it- but Ryan did let me stop in Little Rock for a Chipotle burrito, so I was pretty excited! The best part of coming home though was finally seeing my EK. We missed her so much and couldn't stop talking about how much fun she would have if she were with us. Now, the countdown for my trip to Chicago has begun. Only 31 days until I get together with some of my favorite mommy friends for a quick weekend!

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