Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A little more time was all I needed....

I say that a lot. Really, I did need a little more time. Turns out, my kid's nap schedule isn't what holds me back from doing the things I want. It's the fact that I work from basically dawn to actually dusk. I was getting home every day to darkness. That was before that time change. After it, EK and I have gone for a 3 mile walk with her stroller, gone shopping with Daddy, and this evening we even planted those trees and flowers I wrote about last time.  It's amazing the things I can accomplish with a little more daylight to burn. Sleeping, on the other hand, is rough. We'll just focus on the positives for now, though.
Let's go. Let's go NOW.

Boring before.

Slightly less boring after.

The nowhere near boring mess in the middle.

Ever wonder what a kid with tracheomalacia sounds like?

We are approaching such a fun and busy time with our little girl. She's a handful, but she's ours and we adore the ground she walks on.


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1 comment:

  1. Yay for free time! I am LOVING the time change with all the daylight hours. Yes, yes I know it's still the same 24 hours, but you definitely feel like you have more time!