Thursday, March 1, 2012

How I Conquered Dead Bugs.

A few days ago, I drove my car  through the awesome car wash in town. I even splurged for the $12 wash, just because it makes my tires shine. When I got through the tunnel and out to the vacuum area, I was quite sad to see these dead, splattered bugs still hanging out on my front bumper and grill. The tar splatters were still on the side of my car, too.  If 2million PSI of water spray was not enough to get them off, I must be stuck with them.
Bug massacre.
I really, really got tired of those bugs. So tired, in fact, that I decided to hand wash my car. I scrubbed and scrubbed with a sponge, trying to get those damned bugs off. It wasn't happening. I then got to thinking about how quickly and easily those dryer sheets took stuck on food of my pan. Remember this?

Yeah, so, I wiped the grill and bumper down really well with a dryer sheet. Pure magic happened.
Bud had to photobomb. As usual.

The bugs, the tar... everything came right off. My fingers weren't even bleeding from scrubbing. I would definitely recommend doing this before you actually wash your car. The dryer sheet left a film, but it came right off with a little soap.


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