Sunday, June 3, 2012

World's Worst Toddler Toy (And Why My Temper May Be a Little Short)

 I loathe a particular kid toy. Everyone says it's a classic, a must buy, that every kid they ever raised had this toy. I was skeptical, the appeal lacking in a set of wheels with a ball filled globe that goes "Pop pop pop" every time an innocent, unsuspecting toddler takes it for a whirl. Have you figured out what it is yet?

Yeah, it's that thing. The pop-pop vacuum of ruptured ear drums and death. Ryan fell for it, and let her buy it on one of their Daddy/EK Wal-Mart runs.

...I really should monitor those more closely....

    I came home from the office one day to see my precious, once quiet little girl pushing this "classic" toy around.  That was day the day she became a true blooded toddler. She pushes it around, and if that's not enough, she sings yells while making my ears bleed. Heaven forbid you ask her to stop, then she goes full on tantrum on you.
   Kids love the thing. You know, we all like to vacuum for hours on end... for fun. So the pop-pop death trap has stayed around for a while. It's not even a noise I can tolerate for the sake of her learning and development, just an obnoxious pop-pop-pop-pop. Over and over and over again. It's only appealing to the munch when (A) I'm on the  phone (B) Ryan worked the late night shift and we are trying to play quietly and (C) I've had an exceptionally annoying day at work.

I tried to hide it in the shop one day, but she found it and promptly cried until it was brought back inside. Now it sits, waiting until my next phone call to send me running to a "quiet" room.

What's the worst kid toy at your house? Want to trade?


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  1. I probably have yours like it out in my shed, and I loved to hear you vacuum, you also had a lawnmower that made a similar sound and it was a lot of fun....haha

  2. Eeek...I won't be buying one of those, then! We can't stand Violet in our house...

    1. Oh, Violet creeps me out! EK always hits her at night, and scary bedtime music starts playing at 4 am. It's like a scary movie.

  3. good posting about World's Worst Toddler Toy (And Why My Temper May Be a Little Short)