Saturday, June 2, 2012

EK, Drink Your Veggies.

Ryan and I are trying desperately to eat better. It is so hard for us to plan meals and eat healthy foods when we find ourselves sitting in vehicles the majority of each day. It's just the nature of the job, for a traveling RN and a Highway Patrol Officer. You eat a lot. You're bored. Everything sounds good.
  One thing never sounds good to me, and it's vegetables. I like salads, broccoli, squash, beans, but anything else green kind of grosses me out. Especially green beans. I get a gag reflex anytime they go in my mouth. I pray to the Dear Lord every night that the only kind of green beans I have to eat ever again are the ones that my father in law rolls in bacon and drenches in butter and brown sugar.
  I love the V8 juice that is the fruit/veggie blend, but it certainly doesn't take the place of a meal full of fruits and vegetables. One of my friends recently was talking about smoothies she makes that incorporate both fruits AND green vegetables. I had to try it, and I was very pleasantly surprised. The one I came up with was delicious, and I actually crave them now. EK loves them, too, so I have all the more reason to make them.

The ingredients:
-About 3/4 cup Greek Yogurt (I prefer the Vanilla flavor, it makes for a sweeter smoothie!)
-1 peeled banana
-about a cup of strawberries (can do frozen and skip the ice listed later)
-Several chunks of fresh pineapple
-a little coconut milk (I've tried two different kinds, Silk is in the refrigerated section, another kind was just on the shelf)
-about 5 or 6 chunks of ice
- Last but not least, a heaping handful of fresh spinach leaves. You can use baby spinach or just whatever kind you have.

I've heard of people adding frozen blueberries in smoothies, also replacing the ice, but I'm not really a blueberry fan.
Layer the ingredients in your blender, cover your ears, and blend on medium-high until everything is nice and smooth.

Now you're ready to go! Looks disgusting, tastes good.
Spinach Banana Stawberry Pineapple Smoothie=EK approved.
I love using this as a substitute for my typical  fast food breakfasts. It curbs my sweet tooth, keeps me away from the doughnut shop, and really feels me up. I need more ideas for sneaky ways to eat more fruits and veggies! What are you favorite easy, healthy meals and snacks?


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  1. Uh....LOVE the Chargers cup! I may have to get one for when I try this!

    1. Haha Kacie I thought of you when I took that picture :)

  2. Looks good...think I will try it...miss you :)

  3. Great drink! I also add broccoli and kale to eat! Up those greens intake!

  4. good posting about EK, Drink Your Veggies.