Friday, November 4, 2011


Can we rewind a few days? I am  the worst mom ever. I forgot to celebrate the birthdays of 3 little guys who I absolutely can not live without. Their names are Hank, Charlie, and Wylie. Yeah, my dogs.

October 28-Happy 6th birthday! I can't believe how time flies by. It seems like just yesterday, you were this precious puppy.

 I love you and the way you always greet me with ball (or mini pumpkin!) when I get home. I love your sweet heart, and how you let the little guys sleep all over you. You do not have a mean bone in your body, and never leave our side!

October 25- Happy 4th birthday little one!  You are one of those dogs that completes a family. You are such a middle child, always behind the scenes and never obedient! I cannot tell you how excited I get for you when we play fetch with Hank, and you are able to get the ball! I can always count on you and your big brown eyes to cheer me up when I am having a rough day. 

November 1- Happy 3rd birthday! I love how you lay on the couch, right on top. To have been such a nightmare of a puppy, you stole the biggest chunk of my heart. I cannot imagine loving another dog like you. I love your stares, and how excited you get when you are "hunting" squirrels. Inside or out, you go along with whatever we are doing. You are the best at snuggling and I love your silly head !

So, I'm a sucker for my dogs. Happy Birthday, boys!

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