Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Early 10 Months, EK!

Another early monthly celebration for Ella Kate! This month, Ryan and I will be in California on her 10 month birthday.  I am so anxious about leaving her and flying halfway across the country, but she will be in great hands while her Aunt Kaci and Uncle Clifton practice their parenting !

I say this every month, but time is flying! I want to take another maternity leave, minus the "another baby" part. This baby will suit me just fine. I love the time we spend on weekends playing and being together. I miss her during the day while I work, and she drives me nuts at home approximately 90% of the time. I guess that's part of it, so I just try to soak it all in.

She has learned quite a few new tricks! She has Patty Cake down, well, pat. She loves to "roll it up". Cutest. Thing. Ever.  She also has learned to fake cough, and will cough, laugh, and mock you if you are clinging to your life while choking on food. My favorite trick is when she goes "AhhhBlahhh" while we drive down our ridiculously bumpy driveway. The sweet little "UhUhUhUhUh" is one of the highlights of my life these days.

She has a few more teeth, has had a terrible experience with diaper rash, and has had a few late night dinner dates with Mom and Dad. We certainly know what "No" means, and can pout with the best of them.

We've visited our first pumpkin patch, taken TONS of pictures, and learned a mean face. It comes complete with a snorting growl! Ryan and I aren't quite sure where she got that.

We love you sweet girl! Even Wylie does, too!

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