Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stupid Kid Outfits.

We live in the south, where it's obvious that "fashion" is delayed, even for the little ones. I'm not sure you can claim it as fashion or "let's see what kind of ridic getup I can put my kid in today".  Anyway, last night a few friends and I ran across a few gems for toddler clothing... and a few extra things made out of minky dot fabric which we didn't mean to find. I'll never claim to be fashionable myself, more of a plain, sensible person, but EK generally is pretty cute. So, without wasting anymore time.. here I am, presenting: Worst Crap to Dress Your Kid In.

Where are her feet? This outfit is way too big for this kid. 
Again, way too big. Why do you need a short sleeve romper?! She looks like a  child parolee.

One of my friends came up with a little diddy for this dress.."He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake. He knows when you  have leopard print trim on a Santa dress, so be sure to really stress."

It's a bath mat, it's a bath robe, it's a diaper changing pad cover... Wait- it's a dress?
Minky dot is not supposed to be used to make clothes. Period. It's like... gross fur when you wear it.

Now, do me a favor and Google/ Bing/ Yahoo image search for the term "Lace Onesie". You'll see two things.
This is one of them.
The other thing you will see is lingerie- for grown women. I really had a hard time telling the difference between the adult version and the skanky baby getup.

While I'm at it, could someone please give me a link to a Pinterest tutorial to do EK's hair this way...?  I'm just determined that she will look this dumb for St. Paddy's.


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