Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baseball and Bubble Guppies

My TV was recently taken over by kids with mermaid and man tails, and men with bats.  Even worse, the girl has learned to say "Bubble?" on repeat. First thing in the morning, there's no more "Mama". Rather, "Bubble?".
  Of course, when they start saying "Bubble", it's only a matter of time until they can say "behball".  She knows her night is destined for "behball" when she comes home with me in the evening, only to see Josh Hamilton or Mitch Moreland on the screen, instead of Mr. Grouper. She resigns herself to her high chair, and half heartedly eats her chicken soup and Nilla wafers to watch the Rangers. Poor, poor child.
  You see, my TV may be possessed by Bubble Guppies or MLB. There's a big problem here. There leaves little time for my favorite shows to be watched. I'm majorly missing out on GCB, Swamp People, and other shows that I don't care to mention. I've used my free time to ponder the world of MLB and Nick Jr. shows.

#1- Why watch the whole game when you can watch Baseball Tonight on ESPN?  You see all the good stuff, minus the fluff and commercials. You still get plentyyyy of Josh Hamilton time.

#2- Speaking of Josh Hamilton, is it just me, or does he look creepily similar to Bobby Flay? He's definitely a lot hotter, but skinny him down, laser off a few tats, and throw on some gay looking clothes, and you've got yourself a real Bobby Flay.
See what I mean?

#3- Are the Bubble Guppies orphans? They never talk about parents. Mr. Grouper acts like their teacher, but he takes them to get pets. I'd be pissed if EK's teacher let her bring home a dog with a fish tail or open a pizza restaurant independently.

#4- Deema is my least favorite Guppy. Or Bubble. She reminds of someone I once knew. Bossy and has to be the center of attention. 

#5- I've lost my mind. My DVR has 19 episodes of Bubble Guppies. It's sending other shows to the place where baby TV has-beens fester. 

#6- If anyone asks what time it is- I automatically reply "It's time for lunch!"

#7- The "milk the cow" dance is disturbing. 

#8- Do the Bubble Guppies eat fish?

#9- What do Bubble Guppies and baseball have in common?

They keep my husband occupied and my baby quiet. And for that, I appreciate them both.


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