Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's OK.

.......that I haven't blogged in over 2 weeks. I do have a life.
.... that I did not hand cook a finger food for the annual egg hunt this weekend. Despite the ah-mazing things I have collected on Pinterest... the freezer aisle... it's OK.
.....that I only ironed the collar of EK's Easter dress... the rest would only get wrinkled in her car seat anyway.
...... that I took her pictures in the middle of the road. Beauty calls. play in a rainstorm.
......that we don't have a bed time routine... or a bed time. It will happen eventually.
........that I want a boob job; and no, I don't want to hear you talk about how badly you hate your naturally big ones. The grass is greener on the other side, but my left pasture is a bit smaller than the right. take a day off from work. Even when you're the boss. So, WHY is it OK for everyone to call me from work every day that I am off?
......that I occasionally forget to have the munch brush her teeth. She sucks on a wash rag every night in her bath... surely that does something. not be a shallow asshole.
. want to change your hair every other week.
... to buy things for myself. A cute kid looks less cute next to a frump of a mother.
.... to not give a flying flip about the Hunger Games. laugh when my kid sneaks a piece of dog food. She will not die, but she sure does think she's hot stuff.
.... to tell every nice patient that they are my favorite.
... to blare Ragweed 's "Anywhere But Here" in my office. The truth will set you free.. wishful thinking :)

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